Verify Continuing Student Status

If you're a student, but you receive an email saying Amazon Prime will automatically renew at the regular rate for non-students, verify your continuing student status to continue paying the student rate.

To verify your continuing student status:

  1. If you have an annual plan, go to Manage Your Student Membership in Your Account and re-verify your student status. If you have a monthly plan, visit Manage Your Prime Membership and re-verify your student status.
  2. Submit the requested documentation to verify your student status.


  • You're eligible for discounted Amazon Prime benefits for a maximum of four years, as long as you're a Prime Student member.
  • If your verification documentation doesn't meet the eligibility conditions described on the Prime Student enrollment page, or if you choose not to verify your student status, you'll automatically be upgraded to the Amazon Prime membership at the regular rate.
  • If you've been renewed at the regular rate but submit documentation within 60 days to show you're eligible for Prime Student, we'll refund the amount you were charged on your Prime renewal date or issue a prorated refund if benefits were used. Then, we'll charge you the discounted rate to continue your Prime Student membership. We'll re-enroll you in Prime Student on the date your proof of enrollment was verified.

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