What Is Look Inside the Book?

Look Inside the Book lets you search through and view pages from books on Amazon.

Look Inside the Book allows you to preview a limited number of pages of books that have a Kindle edition. This means you can discover and sample books before you purchase.

Our agreements with publishers and copyright holders currently limit how much of the book is available for preview. In some cases, pages or parts of pages will be omitted because of special requests from the publisher, or because of copyright restrictions.

We created the images that you see in this feature by scanning pages from actual books, so they appear almost exactly as in the book. The images you see are optimized for viewing on a computer monitor; printed pages usually have a much higher resolution and better quality.

If we offer both a paperback and hardcover edition of a book, we typically scan only one version and share the page images between both books. In these cases, we will indicate which version of the book the text comes from.

If you're a publisher or author and want to include your titles in this program, please visit Sign Up for Look Inside the Book for details.

Note: Because of our agreements with publishers, some features and pages are only available if you're logged into your Amazon account and have made a prior purchase. If you choose not to log in or haven't made your first purchase with us, we still provide a set of preview pages within the book.

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