Upgrading from Amazon Credit Builder to the Amazon Store Card

Customers can upgrade from the Amazon Credit Builder to the Amazon Store Card in as little as seven months.

Synchrony Bank will automatically evaluate an account for an upgrade to the Amazon Store Card starting in as little as 7 months after an account is opened, subject to credit approval.

Some criteria used to determine if your account is eligible for an upgrade include whether:

  • You make 7 consecutive on-time payments on your Amazon Credit Builder account and pay all other bills on time

  • Your credit file has no recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or delinquent accounts

  • Your credit score meets Synchrony Bank's internal credit criteria

Note: If your Amazon Credit Builder is upgraded to the unsecured Amazon Store Card, Synchrony Bank will automatically issue an unsecured Amazon Store Card account to you and refund your security deposit. Your Amazon wallet will be automatically updated with the new card number. You will not need to register to Synchrony's E-Service Site again. Your existing login to manage your account will continue to work. There will be no new credit inquiry and no impact to credit score or age of the credit card account reported to credit bureau when you upgrade.

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