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Amazon Credit Builder Security Deposit

The Amazon Credit Builder is a secured credit card designed for people who are looking to build or rebuild their credit.

Once approved for the Amazon Credit Builder, you are required to make a refundable security deposit as collateral to open your credit card account. Your credit line will equal to the amount of the security deposit.

Making a Security Deposit for Amazon Credit Builder

If you are approved for the Amazon Credit Builder, you can complete your security deposit submission within 60 days by visiting on your desktop or mobile device and following the instructions on the page. You can make the security deposit via an electronic funds transfer using your bank account details, or by sending a check or money order to Synchrony Bank. If you have trouble submitting your security deposit, contact Synchrony Bank at 1-855-597-4893.

Security Deposit Refund

If you close your account and have paid your balance in full, you will receive your security deposit back by mail. If your Amazon Credit Builder is upgraded to the unsecured Amazon Store Card, Synchrony Bank will automatically issue an unsecured Amazon Store Card account to you and refund your security deposit. Learn more about upgrading to the Amazon Store Card.

Applying Security Deposits to Monthly Payments

The security deposit does not cover your monthly payments. You must still pay at least your minimum payment due on time each month.

Increasing Credit Line

Your credit line will be equal to the amount of the refundable security deposit. Once the refundable security deposit is submitted for your Amazon Credit Builder account, you cannot edit the deposit form or amount. Synchrony Bank does not allow cardholders to deposit more than the offered credit limit on their Amazon Credit Builder account.

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