How Do I Find 3D Audio Music?

Songs available in 3D audio music have a 3D badge within your Amazon Music mobile app.

To play 3D audio on your Echo Studio device:
  1. Find a song with a 3D badge. Try looking up songs in any of the 3D playlists, for example "Best of 3D Music" or "3D Pop."
  2. Select to play a 3D song.
  3. Tap on the Cast icon.
  4. Select your Echo Studio.
  5. In the "Now Playing" screen, a 3D badge displays to confirm the device is playing 3D.

To play 3D playlists, ask Alexa or search for them in your Amazon Music app. Try: "Alexa, play the best of 3D music playlist"

For more help, try our Amazon Music forum

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