About Incorrect or Missing Items from Amazon Fresh Orders

Some items may be substituted or removed after checkout due to availability. Check the order details in Your Account to see any substitutions or undeliverable items.

Sometimes, items may become unavailable after you check out. We'll proceed with preparing your order so that you receive the rest of your items on time.

Your payment method will not be charged for the unavailable item. If the item became unavailable before we could prepare you order, you'll see a "We're sorry we are unable to fulfill your entire order" message in the Order Details. The unfulfilled items will also appear in your Delivery or Pickup Confirmation e-mail under a section titled Unavailable Items.

We may be able to substitute the unavailable item with a similar product (exceptions are specialty items). If your item was substituted, you'll see item was substituted on the Delivery or Pickup Confirmation e-mail and you can review the substituted items on the order details page. In most cases, you will not be charged for the original item or the substitute.

If your payment method was charged for an item you did not receive and the order details show that the item was sent, please contact us us for a refund.

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