Where's My Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market Order?

Troubleshooting for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market orders that haven't been received.

Check your doors
Check the front, back, or other doors of your house or building in case the delivery was left in a different location than expected.
Check your email
We may have sent you an email to alert you of any problems encountered with your order.
SMS Messaging / Mobile App Notification
To receive the most up to date information on the whereabouts of your Amazon Fresh order, we recommend you sign-up to receive text and/or mobile notifications.
Verify that your order completed the checkout process
In the Your Orders section of Your Account, find the order in question. If you do not see the order listed under Your Orders, check to see whether the items are still in your Cart. If the items are still in your Cart, your order hasn't yet been checked out. Verify that your order has processed.
Confirm that the order status is listed as Delivered or Arriving
If the item isn't yet out for delivery, the day and time it's expected to be delivered will be shown in the Your Orders section.
Check your scheduled delivery day
In the Your Orders section of Your Account, find your order and confirm the delivery date and time.
Check the delivery address
In the Your Orders section of Your Account, find your order. Click on View and confirm that the delivery address listed matches the address where you’re waiting for the delivery.

If your order has still not been delivered, please Check the photo taken at the point of delivery. If available, this will show on Order Details.

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