About Product Image File Formats and Preparation


Amazon accepts four types of files for product images; TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

Amazon applies additional compression to images when displaying them on its website. For best results, images should be submitted to Amazon with minimal or no compression. For JPEG images, save at the highest possible quality level, and avoid resaving the image in JPEG format while editing the image. For TIFF files, do not apply any file compression.

Remove layers from all images before submitting.

Amazon does not accept images submitted in the following formats: EPS (Encapsulated Postscript File), BMP (Windows Bitmap), or PDF (Portable Document Format). Files proprietary to a specific software application are also not accepted, including .PSD (Native Photoshop Files), .IA (Adobe Illustrator), .ART (America Online), .CDR (CorelDRAW), .CPT (Corel Paint), .FH (Macromedia Freehand), .FLA (Flash), .PICT (MAC OSX default), .PSP (Paint Shop Pro) and .DOC (Microsoft Word).

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