About Product Image File Naming

File Naming Requirements

Images submitted to Amazon must be named with the following convention: Product identifier (ASIN, ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC) stripped of any dashes or spaces, followed by an optional 4 character variant code (MAIN, PT01, etc) , and file extension. Each of these parts must be separated by a period. Any additional characters (dashes, underscores, or spaces) will prevent the file from being processed.

Product Identifier:

ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

ISBN-13 (International Standard Book Number)

EAN (European Article Number)

JAN (Japanese Article Number)

UPC (Universal Product Code)

Remove any spaces or dashes from the product identifier.


Variant Code: You may submit additional images of products by adding a four-character variant code to the image name, for example, B000123456.PT01.jpg. Variant codes may be any of the following four-character codes:

MAIN: The primary shot which surfaces in search results and on the detail page. Without a MAIN image, your other variant images may not display. If a file name does not contain a variant code, it is processed as a MAIN.

PIECE SHOTS: PT01, PT02, PT03, PT04, PT05, PT06, PT07, PT08, PT09

INTERIOR SHOTS (books): IN01, IN02, IN03


File Extensions are the three or four characters (jpg/jpeg, tif/tiff) that indicate the file type. Note that changing the file extension of an image doesn't change the image type. Images must first be converted to JPEG or TIFF format with image editing software.

Any variation from these naming requirements will prevent your file from being uploaded to the website. Here are some examples:

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